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DIY College Room Ideas: Under $20 and Under an Hour

All moved in… Is your room not quite as grand as you would have imagined? These are easy do-it-yourself room decorations that you can get for under $20 and assemble in less than an hour. You’ll have your own royal bedchamber in no time.

1. The Headboard
Better Homes and Gardens nailed this one right on the head[board]. Buy two or three large picture frames from Wal-Mart and spray paint them a color that coordinates with your room. Then staple fabric over the cardboard that comes with the frame and mount. Hello perfect headboard.

2. The artwork

You know at some point in your life, you’ve looked at a piece of modern art and thought, “Really? I could splatter paint and do that exact same thing.” Well turns out you’re right. Even better – this wall art doesn’t even involve paint. In her blog, Jess Lively shows us a fancy looking piece of modern art that took her 15 minutes to make.

You’ll need a canvas, thread, and fabric. Use the fabric left over from your headboard and cut it into jagged leaves. Punch a hole in each leaf and slide the thread through them. Then, wrap the thread around the canvas as many times as you like and you’ll be ready for your display at the MoMa.

3. The tapestry
Not to make snap judgments or anything, but if your girlfriend says she has a tapestry in her room, she’s probably pretty classy. Find a cute, patterned sarong (or in my words, a “bathing suit wrap”) at Target that goes with your room. Then drape it across one of the lonely white spaces on your wall. You’ve just added texture and sophistication to your room in four staples.


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