Disney Channel Halloween Episodes Marathon

Instead of going out this Halloween, how about you stay in and cuddle under some blankets to have a Halloween TV show marathon? If you’re feeling nostalgic, there’s nothing better to watch than some Halloween episodes from old Disney shows!

  1. 1. Zack & Cody S1 EP19: “The Ghost in Suite 613”

    Disney Halloween episodes

    When the twins hear a legend about a spooky ghost haunting Suite #613 of the hotel, Zack tries his best to see it. After convincing Maddie and London to help them investigate, they come face to face with the ghost of Irene. Watch this episode to find that one meme of Esteban in his clairvoyant/ fortune teller costume.

  2. 2. Jessie S2 EP1: “The Whining”

    A scary and odd doorman tells the Ross kids about an old building legend. The story was about a nanny who did something horrible to her kids on Halloween. He warns them not to trick-or-treat on the 13th floor, but the kids are cocky and go anyway. Meanwhile, their nanny, Jessie, tries to submit her story to a famous journalist. However, her abnormal tactics make the kids think she’s a blood-thristy maniac. Because of this, the kids become afraid of history repeating itself.

  3. 3. Jessie S4 EP18:  “The Ghostess with the Mostest”

    Stuart goes trick-or-treating with the Ross kids and tells them a scary story about Abigail, a ghost who has it out for them. After this, the kids start to mysteriously disappear, one by one. At the same time, Jessie goes to a masquerade party and meets a mysterious, masked boy who falls for her.

  4. 4. Lizzie McGuire S1 EP24: “Night of the Day of the Dead”

    Lizzie's school is organizing a big Halloween party. To Lizzie’s dismay, Kate is in charge of the party, meaning that she gets all final say. Getting too arrogant, Kate ends up disrespecting Miranda’s skeleton decoration, which causes odd phenomena to happen.

  5. 5. Kim Possible S1 EP14: “October 31st”

    Kim tells a small white lie to avoid going trick or treating with Ron on Halloween. However, as she keeps lying, her fib starts to take a physical form that causes destruction wherever it goes. That liquid metal she got from a heist did not help her lie. She intercepted the heist and all she got in thanks was her lie coming alive with the liquid metal. 

  6. 6. Ant Farm S1 EP14: “mutA.N.T. Farm”

    It's Chyna’s first day in the "MutA.N.T. Program", where monsters go to school with normal high school students. The ANTs are mutants and the older kids are humans, which means they have to do what the humans tell them, including preparing for the Halloween dance. Human-mutant relationships are forbidden, so when Chyna falls for a human, problems arise. From the episode came the iconic song "Calling All The Monsters''. Catch me replaying this song from my Halloween playlist. (https://spoti.fi/2IQYFLX)

  7. 7. Ant Farm S2 EP13: “mutA.N.T. Farm 2”

    As Chyna returns to the mutA.N.T. program, she develops a forbidden crush on a human boy. This crush is so strong that she pretends to be human so she can spend time with him without arousing suspicion. Oh, the things people do for love... add almost getting thrown in prison to the list I guess.

  8. 8. Ant Farm S3 EP12: “mutA.N.T. Farm 3.0”

    In the next segment of mutA.N.T. farm, the mutANTs arrive at their school but find that it's actually a prison. When trying to escape, they accidentally open a portal where they meet human versions of themselves. A pretty mind-boggling episode if you ask me: 10/10 would’ve given me an existential crisis.

  9. 9. That’s So Raven S2 EP2: “Don’t Have a Cow”

    Raven dreams that Alana throws a Halloween party where everyone is invited except her and Chelsea. They cast a spell to try and get an invitation, but it goes very wrong. After being haunted by this, Raven is determined on preventing this from happening in real life.

  10. 10. Shake It Up S2 EP4: “Beam/Halloween it Up”

    Rocky meets a cute guy at a Halloween party but isn’t allowed to be with guys alone. She convinces CeCe to go out with his brother, even though she isn’t interested in him. On the double date, CeCe finds out that her date is actually really cool but Rocky’s guy is weird since he wears a costume year-round. Meanwhile, Flynn is convinced his neighbor is an alien who needs help saving his planet.

  11. 11. Shake It Up S3 EP25: “Haunt It Up”

    Rocky and CeCe decide they're too old to trick-or-treat and instead participate in a "Mature-o'ween" with adult activities like knitting. However, they soon realize they’re missing out on a lot of fun and try to salvage what is left of their Halloween. Meanwhile, Flynn hates being treated like a little kid, so he challenges Ty and Deuce to a scare-off by staying overnight in a haunted house. He tells them that the abandoned house is believed to be haunted by a kid who once lived there that mysteriously went missing. Guess who’s scared now?

  12. 12. Wizards of Waverly Place S3 EP2: “Halloween”

    Because Justin insists the family focus on safety for their haunted house, it ends up being pretty lame. The Russos are worried the Sub Station will lose its status as the official haunted house on Waverly Place because it’s not scary enough. Alex then goes to the wizard world and first gets three real, but still kind of boring, ghosts. She goes back to get the scariest ghost she can find, “Mantooth”. He is certainly frightening, but he is so scary that the children flee the house. 

  13. 13. Good Luck Charlie S2 EP25: “Scary Had a Little Lamb”

    Teddy and Ivy take Charlie trick-or-treating, but when Charlie gets scared by a teenager, they decide to get back at him. You can’t mess with Charlie! Meanwhile, Mrs. Dabney tricks Gabe into working for her for a day by having him protect her house and then blaming him when it gets trashed. PJ goes goth to impress his new girlfriend, and Bob and Amy pretend to be each other. We stan Bob Duncan in this house.

  14. 14. Good Luck Charlie S3 EP 15: “Le Halloween”

    Amy dresses up like a kangaroo for Halloween, complete with a baby pouch and matching costumes for Toby and Charlie which is super adorable. She thinks Bob is uninspired when he goes in his exterminator uniform, calling himself Captain Extermo. However, that opinion changes when she needs his help getting bat out of their house. Also, Mrs. Dabney tricks Gabe into attending a ceremony held in honor of her charitable work. They decide to bamboozle some people there for money, and it works, but then they feel bad and give it back.

  15. 15. Hannah Montana S1 EP17: “Torn Between Two Hannahs”

    Miley's doppelganger cousin from Tennessee, Luanne, comes to spend Halloween with her. Luanne is a little nuts but acts nice to get everyone to trust and like her. When she finds out Miley and Lola were invited to a Hollywood Halloween party, Lunna binds and gags Miley and leaves for the party in her place without anyone knowing who she really is. At the party, Luanne as Hannah Montana almost exposes Miley’s secret identity.