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Daniel Owen (FYP, University Singers, Chamber Singers)



Year: 3rd 
Major: Foreign Affairs (Classics Minor) 
Hometown: Staunton, Virginia 
Activities around Grounds: Theatre (First Year Players, Drama Department) and Choral Groups (University Singers, Chamber Singers) 
Why are you involved with these organizations? What motivates you / inspires you in these areas of your UVa experience?: I have a deep passion for singing and theatre. I love the public recognition inherent to performance, and knowing others find joy in our shows makes it even more worthwhile. It’s also a great collective experience: the diverse groups of people I’ve worked with share insights into life experiences different from my own, especially being one of the few UVA students coming from my small town. 
What has been the most rewarding moment / experience for you during your time at UVa? Working alongside the other artistic directors of Kiss Me, Kate this semester to create a show–I love watching others grow and watch my ideas enacted onstage. 
Celebrity Crush: Alison Brie. Her role in Community is to die for. 
Favorite class taken at UVA: Politics of Western Europe. It played out like a hybrid politics/history class, and because my TA was zany and excited for all the topics, I couldn’t help but feel the same. 
Proudest moment at UVA: Getting corduroys before all my friends did. 
Something people don’t know about you: I’ve had the same core friend group since second grade. We’ve all gotten together for each of our 21st birthdays this year, and each time tops the last. 
Best way to spend a Friday night: Start off with a great meal either on the Corner or downtown, proceed to some casual drinking/listening to music, and then do what the mood dictates from there. Whether it’s bars, a party, a movie, or anything, I love letting the night’s feel direct how plans unfold.
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