Dalya Moumina '19

Name: Dalya Moumina

Year: Second

Major: Economics and Psychology

What are you involved in around Grounds?

I’m on the Virginia Riding Team, Second Year Council, Arab Student Association, Madison House (the Pet Pals Program), and UNISEF.


What’s the coolest thing you’ve accomplished?

Probably climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. I went with my brother and dad. It was a long tread, but it was worth it! I also learned how to spear hunt!


What’s your favorite show on Netflix?

How to Get Away with Murder.


What's one place you want to travel to?

It would have to be Portugal or Italy.


What’s your favorite place to eat on the Corner?

I have to say Mellow Mushroom!


What's one thing on your bucket list?



What are you most excited to do during spring break?

Get tan, see my puppies, be productive, practice my Spanish, and see family.


What's one thing you want accomplish at UVa before graduation?

Streak the lawn or hike Humpback!