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Creative And Affordable Ways Of Adding Zest To Your Dorm!

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

If you’re looking for original and fun ways of adding character to your room without breaking the bank, here are a few unconventional ideas… 

Vinyl Covers

You know the vinyl records you find in every thrift store or antique mall? They are easy to neglect paying attention to, but there is immense potential to be found in every pile or rack of vinyls. Vinyl covers often possess a unique and timeless beauty that indexes a moment in music’s past, so if you enjoy the old-timey vintage look or even a certain era of the music industry, vinyl covers are perfect decoration. All you have to do is find one that resonates with your taste or has a color palette that ties in with the color scheme of your room, and voila! You have a vintage poster to hang on your wall! (For often only a few dollars). So the next time you’re thrifting, stop yourself at the vinyl section, and you’ll likely find some vinyls with serious potential.


Another simple way of zesting up your room is through postcards. Postcards can possess a wide variety of eye-catching images ranging from the niche to the universally recognizable, so it’s exciting to sort through postcards in search of one that speaks to you. With postcards, you can decorate bulletin boards or your walls. You can even frame them. You can easily find postcards in gift shops, thrift stores, antique malls, etc. for a few to several dollars each, and you can even buy them in bulk from Etsy or eBay. On a similar note…

Printed Photos

You can use printed photos for the same purpose as postcards, but printed photos allow for even greater creative liberty. All you have to do is download images (however many) that appeal to you and order them from Amazon or Walmart. Pick them up or have them delivered, and you’ll essentially possess your own custom photos to decorate with however you please. 

Utilitarian Items

If you already have fashion items such as purses or scarves that have character or tie in with the color scheme of your room, these items can make fantastic decor. Just opt to hang up your purses on hooks in the open or drape your scarves on your bed railing. It can add a lovely touch while optimizing the usage of your accessories!

To make a space your own, all you need is creativity, not oodles of cash. You’ll be surprised by the potential you can find in affordable, unconventional modes of decor.

Julianne Sweeten is a writer at the Her Campus Charlottesville chapter. She is a student at the University of Virginia and also serves as a member of the American Medical Student Association and the Futures in Fashion Association. On the side, Julianne is an avid romantic, enjoying music, movies, and thrifting as well as spending time with friends, family, and her beloved dog Kooper.