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A Collegiette’s Guide to Choosing Jewelry

Unless you’re at a UVA football game where pearls are actually the only option, jewelry should be a tastefully chosen accessory, not a one-size fits all. So ignore what you read in magazines about jewelry trends because let’s face it – some of us will never look good in hoop earrings and if you put silver on the wrong skin tone, you’ll only succeed in looking gaunt. To ease your jewelry jitters, I’ve put together a jewelry cheat-sheet with three easy criteria that will make jewelry shopping a breeze this holiday season.

1) Does your skin have yellow or pink undertones?

If you don’t know for sure, look at one of your veins. If it appears green, you’re undertones are yellow. If it appears blue, they’re pink.
Yellow – Gold jewelry looks best on you. It brings out the warmth of your skin and enhances it. Silver, on the other hand, will dull your skin’s natural glow.
Pink – Silver jewelry looks best on you. Gold will clash with your skin’s rosy tint, but silver blends with it perfectly.
For colored jewelry, you should look for colors that fit with your season (take the seasonal color analysis quiz here.)

2) Are your bones delicate or sturdy?
If you can’t tell, just look at your wrists. If they’re small, you have a delicate bone structure. If they’re larger, you have a sturdy bone structure.
Delicate – The size of your jewelry should be just as delicate as you are. You have the perfect bone structure for slender bracelets, small watches with skinny bands, and rings with an elegant stone set along a slim band. No matter how popular it may be, do not wear chunky jewelry! You want your jewelry to complement you, not overwhelm your delicate frame. 
Sturdy – Now you can get away with the big watches, chunky bracelets, and wild rings. Wearing delicate jewelry will look disproportionately small on you, but big jewels will glitz up your look without overpowering you.

3) Do you have a long or short neck?
Long – You’re lucky in the earring department because you can pull off both dangling and stud earrings. As far as necklaces go, stay away from chokers because they will look disproportionately small compared with the length of your neck.
Short – You should stick to studs, small hoops, or earrings with minimal dangle so that your earrings don’t seem longer than your neck. With regards to necklaces, you should be good to go with almost any size – short or long.

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