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In Celebration of Cynthia Nixon Entering the Race for Governor of New York, Here Are 7 Relatable Miranda GIFs

In keeping with the recent trend of celebrities moonlighting as politicians, Sex and the City’s Cynthia Nixon announced her official entrance into the New York gubernatorial race on Monday. After weeks of rumors, the actor and vocal political activist posted an announcement video to her Twitter, quickly becoming a trending topic across the country. She’ll certainly have her work cut out for her, as she’ll be challenging two-term incumbent Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. However, with her aggressive liberal views and Bernie-Sanders-like rhetoric, she is definitely committed to her latest role as a politician.      

Thanks to social media’s obsession with all things retro (because apparently the 90s are vintage now?), Miranda Hobbes, Nixon’s TV alter ego, has become somewhat of an icon for Millennials. With her snappy one-liners, high-powered career as a lawyer, and constant grievances about her friends’ obsession with men, she was an OG feminist icon. The mantra “We should all be Mirandas,” a take on “We should all be feminists,” has taken Instagram by storm. Check out the GIFs below for some of Miranda’s best moments.


She is super successful, and not afraid to let people know it.  

(Gif courtesy of giphy.com)

Challenging standards of beauty since ’98.(Gif courtesy of giphy.com)


Miranda loves a good doughnut as much as the next girl.

(Gif courtesy of giphy.com


She’s got her priorities all figured out. (Gif courtesy of giphy.com


We could all use a friend like Miranda.(Gif courtesy giphy.com


She doesn’t need anyone’s sympathy.(Gif courtesy of giphy.com

So here’s to Miranda Hobbes, Cynthia Nixon, and girl power!

(Gif courtesy of giphy.com



(Thumbnail photo courtesy of www.careergirldaily.com)

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