Celebrate Spring in C-ville!

Spring has officially sprung (finally)! As the weather warms up and we tuck those winter coats away, we must celebrate the start of spring! Charlottesville is a beautiful and eclectic city, and there is an abundance to see and do! Here are some of my favorite activities to celebrate spring in Cville and its surrounding areas:


1. Visit Any and All Wineries with Your Gal Pals

Let me speak from personal experience: wineries are ALWAYS the move. What’s better than getting dolled up with your best friends, and heading to a vineyard that overlooks the beautiful landscape of Virginia? Literally nothing. Not only are wineries a great photo op, but they provide the best vibes for you and your friends! It’s the perfect way to relax after a stressful week of exams, essays, and homework. Some of my favorite wineries near Charlottesville are Barboursville and Keswick Vineyards! If you’re more of a brewery- or cidery-person, there are plenty of those to visit as well! The options are endless!




2. Stroll Through the Downtown Mall

I feel like I don’t take advantage of the Downtown Mall enough. There’s so much culture in that little strip! Not only are there great coffee shops and restaurants with diverse cuisines, but there are some great places to shop as well! Low Vintage and Urban Outfitters are some of my favorite shops in Cville! Go find some new, dope spring outfits, fam!



3. Picnic on the Lawn

Bringing a blanket to chill on the lawn is such a great way to get outside, and relax under the warm sun! Plan a picnic with some friends with delicious snacks or read a good book to enjoy spring the most UVA way humanly possible! So ~college~!



4. Hike through Monticello or Shenandoah

Beautiful nature surrounds Charlottesville, and I need to explore more before graduation. I have yet to visit Monticello, so that is definitely on my bucket list before the end of the school year! Additionally, Shenandoah National Park is relatively close, and is definitely worth exploring!


Hopefully these activities give you some ~inspo~ on how to celebrate spring in Charlottesville!


All images courtesy of Pexels.com