Books Are Not Accessories

I recently read an article from the New York Post about Bella and Gigi Hadid making books the “hot new accessory of 2019”. I actually had to do a double take when I read that article title. Books are now suddenly an accessory?! Despite my distaste for the title, I decided to read the article anyway. However, my anger and frustration towards this statement remained. The article praises the Hadid sisters for being more than “pretty faces” because they are carrying around books and READING! Bella is reported to be reading Stephen King’s, “The Outsider”, while Gigi reads Albert Camus’s, “The Stranger”.

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As an advocate bookworm and fan of Bella and Gigi, I am glad that they are reading; I just simply hate how the article gives books a negative connotation, one that is solely associated with nerds and brainiacs. I am also upset by the fact that the author of this article calls the books “brainy accessories” - this insinuates that the Hadid sisters are only holding them around to pose for pictures and match their outfits.

Reading is a wonderful thing, and it saddens and disappoints me that so few people read for fun anymore to the point where two celebrities holding books around have suddenly become a trend. Books are also certainly not accessories. They contain so many great stories and information about any and everything, yet fewer and fewer people around me seem to read for fun.  

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I completely understand that book covers in itself are art; I think it is acceptable to post aesthetic pictures of books, but I disagree with those who believe that they are simply something to add onto an outfit. I would love to make reading exciting and trendy again, but only posing with books to seem chic is definitely not the right move. Books are to be read, not worn!