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Best Ways to Decorate Your College Room!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.


My favorite time of the year actually happens every August when Target stocks itself with dorm and college essentials. I’m talking body pillows, clever storage organizers, funky lamps, and of course the brilliant ottomans that double as storage boxes (my pink one from first year is now a costume box and will stay with me forever). Beyond just buying all of this stuff to fill your fabulous room with, is the joy and excitement of decorating the walls with photos and magazine clippings that express you and double to cover the blasé white wash walls that dominate your dorm room or apartment walls. Here are some fun and easy ways to transform your room from everyday blah to your own badass unique oasis.

1) Hang Photos with Clothespins

Take whatever color or style ribbon, or any similar fabric, and stretch it across the room, and tack the ends up tight with thumbtacks or nails. Then hang as many pictures that will fit, by attaching them to the ribbon with clothespin hangers. This gives you the freedom to change pictures each year, instead of having to continue to make new collages every year, since let’s face it we take so many pictures in college! It’s a great way to keep your photos up to date, but also a great way to hang many pictures with only two nails/thumbtacks, as opposed to tons of blue sticky goo or mounting tape, which can get you in trouble with your RA or cause your landlord to charge you for wall damages.


2) Decorative hooks and knobs

You can find fancy ones at Anthropologie, or can even use command strip hooks to hang your fancy necklaces and cool scarves. Not only will your jewelry not get tangled, but also it will help give the walls some added bling! Added bonus? Now that your scarves and jewelry are on display, you are less likely to overlook gems in your closet you had neglected. Now you can clearly see all of your options!

3) Hand paint letters of your initials


You can either go the expensive route and buy fabric letters from Anthropologie, or go the DIY route and purchase wooden letters from a craft store and paint them yourself! My roommates and I painted letters for the first letter of each of our names and hung them above our couch! I also have my initials painted and hanging above my bed. It’s a great way to personalize your space in a classy and crafty way!

4) Fancier frames for specific college achievements

Throughout college you’re going to want to display your achievements. So whether you want to frame your first a cappella concert program or your letter congratulating you on making an honor society, invest in special frames to help spotlight your achievements!

5) Let there be LIGHT!

Thomas Jefferson loved light and you should too! One of the best things I have ever purchased for my room was a tall floor lamp. You can get them for as cheap as $49 from IKEA. These typically come with dimmer settings so you can adjust the light for extra bright when you’re getting ready to go out, or medium to when you’re doing some reading, or even low for when you’re hanging out before bed and don’t want a ton of bright light stimulating you before you catch some Zzzz’s.


6) Inspiration wall

I have always been a huge advocate for collaging, and so making an inspiration wall with your favorite magazine clippings, quotes, or concert tickets is a great way to have your own tangible pinterest in your own room! Buy a cheap corkboard from a craft store and begin tacking up your favorite magazine clippings and tickets. Just make sure to continue to change and switch-up your board to keep it consistent with your mood and current goals!

7) Frame quotable cards

I am obsessed with quotes and find myself constantly buying the quotable cards from the bookstore to keep for myself. To make these look even fancier, place these inside of small frames and then hang them on your walls. This will make them look more like mini canvases full of wisdom, as opposed to just random cards hanging on your wall. You will feel inspired and motivated everyday!


I’ve always heard that what a person’s room looks like says a lot about said person. Do you really want to spend 4 years in a boring room with blank walls? These fun and easy tips will not only help you expose your creative side, but will allow you to have a room that is truly your space. Let the sunshine in and get inspired!

Francesca Lee is a fourth year majoring in sociology with a minor in media studies at the University of Virginia. This summer, she developed a passion for TV production after interning at WETA, the public television station for DC and the greater metro area.  Throughout the summer, Francesca researched, wrote and produced several WETA Around Town segments about the local arts programs and graffiti murals in DC.  As the new campus correspondent for Her Campus UVa, she is working to create video content for the UVa branch to supplement the written content.  This spring, she hopes to study abroad in Denmark and expand her knowledge of international broadcasting and advertising. Francesca also gives historical and admissions tours to visitors and prospective students at UVa and is a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority.