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The Best Podcast Young Women Should Start Listening to Right Now

As a top-rated comedy podcast about sex and dating, Girls Gotta Eat is entertaining, inspiring, informational, and empowering. I was hooked when I found this podcast one year ago, as it has been what kept me sane and helped me maintain a little sense of connection during the height of quarantine. 

Girls Gotta Eat was started a few years ago by two heterosexual, single, New York City comedians in their early 30s: Ashley and Rayna. Their podcast focuses on all-things relationships, where they occasionally bring on qualified guests—anywhere from fellow comedians to certified sex therapists to psychic matchmakers—and give their opinions on relevant topics for women (and occasionally men too) of all ages and relationship statuses. 

So what? Here’s what you’re missing: 

They destigmatize conversations about taboo subjects.

If I had to choose one reason to tune-in to Spotify or Apple Podcasts and listen to two women speak for hours week after week, this is probably it. They have brought into conversation awkward, possible uncomfortable topics that are traditionally not talked about quite as much. Girls Gotta Eat has spoken with expert and experienced guests about everything you can imagine, such as mental health in relationships, egg freezing, what sex toys to buy, internet dating, and the differences between lesbian and straight relationships. There is something freeing in talking candidly and learning about these topics.

They empower through example.

These women take the pressure off of traditional social timelines just by fully embracing their own single lives. They discuss marriage and kids, and they show that it is okay to break traditional female gender norms of not getting married and or having children. Ashley in particular has mentioned that she might never want to get married and is completely against herself becoming a mother. There is nothing wrong with being an unmarried woman without children. Moreover, these entrepreneurs bring in millions of dollars every year purely through this brand that they created for themselves. Although we are seeing more and more successful women in recent years, it can still be rare to find such independent, self-made females who prove yet again that we really can do anything.

They are not afraid to share their liberal views.

Without getting overly political, Rayna and Ashley will sometimes use their platform to share their opinions on topics such as immigration, gay rights, abortion, and feminism. Whether you agree with their views or not, by expressing their opinions on these topics, it just proves to young women everywhere that females belong in conversation with politics and social issues. Women are allowed and encouraged to speak their mind without having to worry about pleasing everyone. 

Sex is their favorite subject.

It is safe to say that Ashley and Rayna have a lot of it, and they are not afraid to share their experiences. For them, having the right to engage in free and casual sex as women is a part of feminism. It is liberating to acknowledge that women are sexual beings too and are no longer going to be shamed for wanting sex. Society is traditionally more accepting of straight male sexuality, and the Girls Gotta Eat host are bringing women up to the same playing field. By exposing the world and destigmatizing conversations surrounding everything from their new favorite sex positions, female orgasms, sexual fantasies, vagina issues, and masturbation, they show their audience that there is power in not being afraid to talk about it. 

It’s hilariously entertaining.

Regardless of your age, gender, sexuality, or relationship status, you are sure to be at least somewhat amused. The women clearly enjoy each other’s company, and make each other and the audience laugh constantly. I can even be persuaded to occasionally listen to their advertisements (although, honestly, it’s really easy to skip through them) because of the hosts’ enthusiasm and entertaining stories about making the *most* of their Buffy comforters. 

Sisters before misters. Always.

Rayna and Ashley are best friends, and above all, they exemplify the importance of female friendship and community. There are strong women surrounding us everywhere, and often the women in our lives are more important than any man will ever be. Sharing and commisterating over cheating stories, broken engagements, and dating-app horror stories makes our own troubles seem understood. 

Ashley and Rayna may not have known they were creating such a powerful platform for young women when they started, but by simply being themselves and not being afraid to share their stories, these hosts have helped to empower women all across the globe. Happy Women’s History Month to all you strong women out there <3.

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