The Best Places to Study That Aren't the Library

The library can get so stuffy and crowded sometimes, and if you’re like me, studying in the library can feel like too much pressure. If you’re looking for a change of pace, here are a few cozy places to study.

Starbucks and Nau/Gibson: The Starbucks on grounds is smaller than the one on the Corner, but pretty conveniently located if you’re classes are mostly on Central Grounds. The entire building is fully of natural light and there are plenty of tables, benches, and corners to hang out in between classes.

The Graduate: This cute hotel, located across from the hospital on the Corner, has a nice outdoor area and a trendy coffee shop. It’s not a classic UVA spot, so it will probably be less crowded than Starbucks. Plus, you have any lunch spot you want just down the block for when you need a study break.

Sweethaus: Charlottesville’s most well-known cupcake spot has an adorable café area that is a perfect place to hang out on a Sunday. It’s a good distance from grounds, but a cupcake or two makes that distance worth it. You can also use the delicious treats as a good motivational tool if you’re a procrastinator.

Grit: Another Corner coffee shop that is perfect for a day away from the stacks. Grit is smaller and quieter than Starbucks, and is tucked away just down the street from grounds. It provides a nice oasis away from the hectic crowds on the Corner, and has adult coloring books to help you manage your stress.


In Front of the Rotunda: This one is strictly weather-based, but as a third-year who has not experienced ‘Tunda in its full glory until very recently, I have to recommend enjoying the beautiful view whenever you can. Finding a good spot on the Lawn to hang out for a couple hours is one of the best things to do on a nice day, whether end up actually doing homework.