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Best Places to Study On and Off Grounds

It might not be exam week, but we still have to study. Check out some of the best spots to crack open your texts books at UVA.


If you generally like studying at coffee shops but don’t have enough time to get to one between classes, I highly recommend studying at Alderman. There is a Greenberry’s café on the entrance level for all you coffee lovers, so it creates a similar atmosphere without having to trek too far. Meet up with friends, grab a snack, and study for as long as you need to, or at least until it closes.

In addition to Alderman’s wonderful coffee shop vibe, you can also go to quieter places to get work done. If the sound of blenders and chatter isn’t for you, don’t be afraid to head farther into the stacks for some peace and quiet. No matter how you like to study, Alderman can accommodate anyone.



Clemons, or as some people would like to call it, “Club Clem” is definitely the spot to be anytime past 5pm for UVA students looking to study. The floors are packed with people skimming through textbooks and trying to knock out their academic work one page at a time. I personally love Clemons because of how it is set up. The farther down you go the quieter the floors get.

The fourth floor of Clemons is what gave this library the nickname “Club Clemons”; it really does look and sound like a party when you first walk in. I spend the bulk of my time on the second floor of Clemons. It’s not too loud, but not dead silent, which is perfect for me when studying. But, if you prefer silence, the first floor of Clemons is the place to be.

Shenandoah Joe:

For all my coffee lovers, Shenandoah Joe is a great place to study. With a latte and a scone by your side you can study for hours in there. Not only is the atmosphere conducive to studying, but they have free Wi-Fi! What’s not to love about free Wi-Fi? So, grab a friend or two and make a study date at your local Joe. Between the smell of coffee and the mellow music, you won’t even realize you’re studying.


Next time you plan on cracking open your textbooks and studying for your upcoming assessments, be sure to check out these study spots. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

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