Best Fall Crockpot Recipes

During Fall break, I was able to expand my horizons and cook different recipes with my mom. Now that it’s getting colder, I’m starting to crave a good stew or warm, creamy, soup in the evenings after a long day of class. Using some of her recipes, and putting my own twist on it, I bring to you, from my kitchen to yours, a list of the best recipes you can make in your instant pot, crock pot, or whatever ya got.  Enjoy!

  1. 1. Chili

    I love a good hearty chili, especially on a cold night. It really is comforting and reminds me of home, especially when I bring back my mom’s recipe with me to have at school. Personally, I like to go the turkey route, instead of using beef. Here’s what you need:


    -1 container of ground turkey (I like Perdue or the store brand)

    -2 cans of tomatoes

    -1 can of black beans

    -1 can of chickpeas

    -1 packet of chili seasoning

    -½ cup of red wine

    Cook on low for 6-8 hours. 

  2. 2. Veggie Soup

    -1 container chicken stock

    -1 can cannellini beans

    -2-3 handfuls of kale or spinach

    -Squeeze of lemon

    -1 can tomatoes

    Cook on high for 4 hours or so. Won’t need that long, since it’s soup.

  3. 3. Cranberry Chutney

    -2 bags of cranberries

    -½ cup of fruit juice

    -½ cup of raisins or other dried fruit

    -Pinch of cinnamon

    Tis the season! Cook in crockpot until cranberries are soft.

  4. 4. Chicken Fiesta

    This is one of my mom’s best recipes. It’s best described as a halfway chili, but with shredded chicken instead, and more like a stew.

    -1-2 chicken breasts (I get mine from Costco!) 

    -1-2 cans of tomatoes

    -1 can of black beans

    -2 handfuls of kale

    -1 onion, chopped

    -1 bell pepper

    Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Once recipe has finished cooking, chicken will be soft, making it easy to shred with a fork. Serve over ½ cup brown rice or quinoa, and enjoy.