Auburn Students Thought They Won and It was Actually Really Sad

ICYMI: UVA just won their Final Four game against Auburn due to the Call Misheard Around the World. 

Basically, we were about to lose, but my boi Kyle Guy shot up a Hail Mary 3-point with 0.6 seconds left in the game. He missed, got fouled in the process, made all three of his free-throws, and we won the game!!! Sadly for Auburn, not everyone heard the call when Kyle missed his shot. They thought they had won. Hell, I thought they had won! 

Auburn has their own version of The Corner, called Toomer's Corner. After approximately 2 seconds of research, I learned that they traditionally toilet paper the trees on Toomer's Corner after wins... and apparently, now, after losses too, though not on purpose. In these sad, sad posts, you'll see students throwing toilet paper into the air and cheering, thinking they had won, only to find out seconds later that Kyle had been fouled, and 3 minutes later, that they had lost. 



It's really sad... and really awkward... but I also don't feel too bad because GO HOOS

  1. 1. They really thought they had won...

  2. 2. They're chanting and everything...

  3. 3. A rollercoaster of emotions...

  4. 4. This is awkward

  5. 5. Yeah, well, this about sums up college