The Animaniacs Reboot is the First Thing You Should Watch Over Break


Loyal cartoon fans will surely all remember the 3 siblings that captured our collective hearts in childhood: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot. Animaniacs was one of the most iconic and memorable cartoons of the 90s, charming viewers with goofs, gaffs, and antics galore. But if you missed out on the fun the first time around and this is your first time hearing about them, then I have great news for you: our favorite trio is back and better than ever. 

The 2020 reboot of the classic cartoon brings fresh ideas, a new and improved theme song, and a healthy dose of satire that people of all ages can appreciate. As the show so keenly points out, the three inseparable sibs are zany “to the max” in the new series, and the best part is that all three are voiced by their original actors, so the nostalgia factor is definitely there for the long-term fans. 

Another added bonus is that not only are the classic three back, but also old favorites Pinky and the Brain! This duo of mousy fellows features one genius (aptly named “the Brain”) and a clumsy and rather foolish partner, Pinky. Together they plot each night to take over the world, and Pinky regularly (while unintentionally) foils those plans- to the great agony and frustration of the Brain. 

Each episode in the reboot generally features two Animaniacs shorts and one Pinky and the Brain short between the two. The end result is a delightful combination that is sure to make you laugh and keep you entertained, and if your winter break situation is anything like mine, you’ll be anxious to find ways to fill up your time at home. And as an added bonus, thanks to its family-friendly nature, this show is guaranteed to be fun for the whole family, including even the littlest of siblings. 

Even if you missed the boat in the 90s, it’s not too late to hop on the bandwagon (mixed metaphors, but you get the point). All 13 episodes of season 1 are available on Hulu with a subscription, as well as all 5 seasons of the original series from 1993. Lots of binge-watching in my future…