Aminé and Lil Yachty Concert Recap

On Thursday, April 4th, the University Programs Council hosted a free concert for students at JPJ. I was looking forward to this all week, due to having back to back exams prior to the event, and had a great time. My friends and I were in the pit for the entirety of the concert. There was lots of shoving, but I would say it was definitely worth it.

Photo courtesy of Shirley Chu


Lil Yachty opened the concert, and to be quite honest, I only knew one of his songs. I personally did not think his stage presence was that compelling, but he did have an impromptu water fight! With the Jeopardy theme song playing in the background, he took a break from performing to throw water bottles off the stage to students. Afterward, a water fight was called during one of his songs with the crowd going wild. I honestly think that was the best part of his performance. Before Lil Yachty left the stage, he gave a small speech about how getting a college degree does not matter - which was kind of random and weird given that he was performing for a group of college students.

Finally, Aminé appeared and made the concert a million times better. He was so energetic and fun - interacting with the audience and jumping around. People actually knew the lyrics to his songs, and it was a crazy fun time. For his hit song Caroline, he slowed it down and performed the beginning in acoustic. The crowd immediately recognized the chords and screamed along.

After the show, Aminé had a meet and greet with the Ethiopian Eritrean Student Association. According to my friends, he was super sweet and welcoming to all of his fans.

Photo courtesy of Afomia Asessfa