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 A Guide to Hosting Your Own Grammys Watch Party

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

         I have always loved a good award show—I live for seeing the range of looks on the red carpet, and I love imagining what I would wear myself. And, of course, who doesn’t love a little celebrity drama? There is always something to be talked about the next day—from the hottest looks, the looks that unfortunately flopped, a celebrity interaction that raised eyebrows, or an especially enthusiastic acceptance speech.

         As a huge Harry Styles fan, I am anxiously awaiting the Grammys on this Sunday, February 5th. Not only is Harry Styles performing live, but he is also nominated for six awards. Needless to say, I have my fingers crossed and will be glued to my TV come Sunday.

         In the spirit of celebration, here are my tips for hosting your own watch party—and you can do all of these by yourself or with a group of friends.

  1. Determine the dress code (Hint: Pajamas)

I think the most sacred part of watching an awards show is wearing your pajamas—it is too fun to cast your fashion judgement upon the red carpet-goers while you are in your favorite fluffy robe on the couch. If you are feeling extra ambitious, you could wear a matching pajama set for an elevated and more put-together feeling. Regardless of your choice, the point is to wear your comfiest clothes.

  1. Set the tone with a winning playlist

I will be listening to “Harry’s House” on loop this Sunday. While this isn’t very unusual for me—my number one song on my Spotify wrapped this year was “As It Was”—I think it is exciting to listen to the songs you hope will win an award. Or, in the name of branching out and expanding your music tastes, create a playlist with nominated artists that you typically don’t listen to.

  1. Treats are a must

It’s the Grammys, after all, and it only comes around once a year—give yourself the permission to have a yummy treat. I am planning to take a movie-snacks approach: popcorn, M&Ms, sour candy, and maybe even some chocolate-covered pretzels. If that doesn’t match your vibe, you could make your favorite dinner or pick something up. The point is that you are enjoying something you do not usually have on Sunday nights.

  1. Put a fun drink on the menu!

Having a fun little drink to sip on while watching the Grammys is a necessity. I have been greatly influenced by the mocktail-side of TikTok, and there are so many scrumptious-looking beverages that I want to try out myself. If that sounds like too much effort, pour your favorite soda or sparkling water into a fun class, add a straw, and maybe even add a fruit garnish if you are feeling ambitious.

  1. Get ready to critique everything —it is simply the best part

Prepare yourself for an evening of sharing your opinion on nearly everything—your favorite looks, the best performances, and who you wish won a specific category. Remember, of course, to do this in a spirit of good-humor and not cruelty. Afterall, that would not be very “Treat People With Kindness” of us.

Cheers to good music, good food, and a good time!

Elizabeth Parsons is a staff writer at the University of Virginia’s HerCampus chapter. She joined the team during the 2022-2023 academic year. Elizabeth is from Virginia Beach, VA, where she has lived for her whole life. As a third-year student with a passion for reading and writing, she is studying both English and French. She is also the Senior Associate of The Cavalier Daily’s Life Desk, which focuses on content specific to student life at UVA — including features of student events and organizations, food-related articles, student columns, and top 10 lists. Beyond HerCampus, Elizabeth loves sipping oat milk lattes, strolling through bookstores, reading the latest issue of The New Yorker, playing Wordle, swimming, going to the beach, and watching reality TV— especially Below Deck Down Under. She is always looking for book recommendations, and she loves talking about her latest reads. After spending last summer in London, she is eager to return — and plans to move to London eventually. She is looking forward to another year with HerCampus and to sharing a mix of all her passions with readers. From the best lip gloss to her tips for studying abroad, Elizabeth is excited to share about all the things that matter to her.