8 Reasons Why Valentine's Day is the Best Holiday

Valentine’s Day is a cherished holiday celebrated nationally. It is known for its candy, symbolic hearts, direct connection to love and romantic relationships, and greeting cards. Here are 8 other reasons why Valentine’s Day is not only a great holiday to warm up your winter blues, but also is the best holiday ever!

1. It's an excuse to eat as much chocolate as you want.

You have to try each one in the chocolate sampler to find your favorite!


2. It's an excuse to try out your new lipstick.

Just be careful when choosing the right shade to compliment your skin, but wow! That new color looks great on you!


3. It's an excuse to wear as much red and pink as you want.

Valentine’s Day is the best reason to find someone to snuggle with, too!


4. It's an excuse to get dressed up.

Oh, and I know you will look absolutely fabulous!


5. It's the best opportunity to celebrate a fun adventure with your loved ones.

Whether with family, friends, or your soulmate, go on a fun new date that is memorable and filled with lots of laughter, and, of course, love.


6. It's a chance to give this poor lonely teddy bear a new loving home.

This fuzzy friend is sure to make someone smile and be a constant reminder of how much you love them!


7. It's a great opportunity to go shopping.

Whether out at the mall for yourself or for your loved ones, check out some Valentine’s Day sales and remember to always treat yourself too!


8. It's the perfect chance to rock those new pink kicks.

Why let Sally the cow be so fashionable when I know those pink shoes are meant for you? :)


All Photos are by Ryan McGuire.