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7 Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

1. Ke$ha: Relive your high school years, and bring out your sorority glitter. Ke$ha requires minimal effort, and some crazy makeup. Find some destroyed shorts, ripped tights, combat boots, and crop top, all covered up with a leather jacket to keep you warm. Ke$ha’s signature eye design is the finishing touch to your quick and easy costume. This hot mess will keep you cute, comfortable, and leave a trace of glitter – everywhere.

2. Pop Art– Create a cartoon version of yourself! Pop art makeup requires time with creating the individual polka dots; however, the final look is worth it. Typical outfits for this costume include a white shirt and blue skirt; however, you can personalize your cartoon character however you would like. 

3. Ice Queen– An ice queen requires a whimsical white dress with lots of silver glitter. White eye shadow and silver glitter on your forehead can create the illusion of a tiara, if you’re on a budget. For intense contrast, black lips are a possibility, making you one queen not to be messed with. 

4. Puppet– If you’re looking into creating Halloween costume with a spookier side, consider being a puppet. Red lips, fake eyelashes, and blue eyes shadow can create a fake doll-like image. An outfit could virtually include anything.

5. King Kylie– If you’re looking for an effortless costume, opt for Kylie’s look. The outfit would include a black edgy, low cut shirt with destroyed jeans and heels. Makeup would include smoky eyes and enhancing your lips way past their normal size. 

6. Addams Family– Like any other college girl, your closet most likely includes copious amounts of black. Make use of it. An Addams family costume includes a black sweater with a white button-up and a black skirt. Even if you do not currently own a white button-up, it is a great investment to future job interviews. If you are on a budget, wear a high-necked black shirt. The Goth makeup completes your final Addams family look with black or red lips.

7. Beyoncé– You need confidence, fierceness, and sexiness. Have fun!

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