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5 Tips to Get Consistent with Workouts

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UVA chapter.

I think we all can use some motivation every now and then to get into a more consistent or new workout routine. I have found that working out consistently helps not only with how I feel physically (obviously) but also with every other area of my life. When I can carve out some discipline with fitness, I’m able to apply myself so much more mentally to things like school and my social life. It also helps me to wake up earlier! When I feel better, I do better. If you’re looking to revamp your fitness routine, keep reading for 5 tips: 

  1. Plan ahead- This is number 1 because I think it’s most important. Whenever I write in a schedule that I’m working out these days at these times, I have found that I’m so much more likely to actually follow through. Planning my workouts also forces me to plan in other things like school work and time for fun (etc.). I’ll make a list moo-sun and then physically write in what workouts I plan to do and when. It’s nice to separate these workouts by type too. For example, if I’m doing legs on Tuesday or going for a walk and doing pilates on Thursday. This can not only help you stay consistent, but can help you make sure that you’re working out different parts of your body too! 
  2. Try classes- This is something I’ve started doing recently, and it’s been a game changer. I’ve started doing spin classes and yoga classes, and they are the perfect way to not get bored with just working out by myself. Implementing some stretching and cardio weekly has felt great physically. Additionally, though, being able to head to a certain class at a certain time and workout with others has been a fun departure from solo gym trips. Classes can get pricy, but I’ve just been using a monthly membership for classes at the school gym, and this hasn’t been breaking the bank!
  3. Pre workout snack- So often, I’ve found that we skip out on fueling our bodies when working out. I’ve found that a lot of the times, when I’m feeling unmotivated, I just need a little snack to give me somme energy and the fuel to kill a workout. I love having smoothies with peanut butter, banana, and a protein powder for a little mid-day boost. 
  4. Fun workout beverage- This is another little treat that I’ve found helps a lot with motivation to move my body. I love bringing a water with yum electrolytes, an energy drink, or an iced coffee with me to the gym to sip on. 
  5. Habit stack – Habit stacking has helped me stay consistent with working out in such a big way. This means doing two things (that you have to or want to do) at once. I go for a walk while listening to a podcast and wearing eye patches. I go on the treadmill and watch a Youtube video or get some studying done. Doing two things at once helps so much with getting bored while spending time workout out (which could be super mindless). 
My name is Julia Cloppse, I am a third year at UVA and I'm from Staten Island, New York!