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5 Steps to Throwing the Best Halloween Party

Halloweekend is quickly approaching. With Trick or Treating on the Lawn on Friday and the home football game against Georgia Tech on Saturday, it might seem like there couldn’t possibly be more to pack into one weekend. Wrong. As college students, we don’t often have time to be nostalgic about Halloween and the pure excitement that used to come with it. So, whether you prefer to stay in and hangout with some friends or throw the loudest party on your block, here are 5 steps to throwing the best (nostalgic) Halloween party.

1. Decorate (the inside) of your house!

Simulating the nostalgia of Halloween with Jack o Lanterns, orange lights, cobwebs and gravestones are a great way to bring your friends into the spirit of Halloween. Michaels in Barracks and local grocery stores are sure to have some inexpensive decorations to throw up around your house. You don’t have to go all-out and transform your place into a haunted house, but a few decorations here and there are a great way to make this party more than just an average weekend party.


2. Candy Candy Candy!

Even though college kids aren’t supposed to go Trick or Treating, that doesn’t mean your friends won’t appreciate a candy bowl to share. Consider making it a potluck candy bowl and ask your friends to pitch in for a nightlong candy stash. Make a quick trip to CVS or a local store and grab a variety pack of candy. Your friends will love this hint of nostalgia.


3. Have a Cheesy Halloween Movie on Hand

Whether watching movies is the main event for the night or if your just have one playing in the background, movies like Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus are go-to classics. If you’re stumped for more ideas, check out abc Family’s Halloween lineup for more options.

4. Make it Costume-Only

Whether you make your friends go all-out or just make them wear something orange and black, this is a fun twist to emphasize that this party isn’t just any-old party. Halloween is the perfect time to whip out those cat socks and your pumpkin earrings, and chances are, you won’t be the most ridiculous one out that night!

5. Make it Smoke-Free!

The best way to make sure that everyone has a great time at your party is to make it a smoke-free event.  More than 99 percent of current smokers start smoking before they turn 27, so deciding that your party should be smoke-free could have a huge impact on someone’s life.

Do you host the best events and parties? Have an even better idea for a smoke-free event?  truth is challenging college students like us to make a short video about a smoke-free event they want to host on grounds and post it to YouTube or Twitter with #truthatyourcampus.

Carolyn Schmitt is from Falls Church, Virginia.
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