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With the Valentine’s season having just passed, it seems like everyone is in a relationship. Whether you see couples on the street or posts on social media, it is easy for it to seem like everyone is in a happy relationship. In reality, this is not the case. Young women can get boxed into toxic relationships more often than you think. Here are 5 signs that you or a friend could be in one too.

Walking on Eggshells Around Your Partner.

If you are upset about something in your life or relationship, it should feel normal and natural to bring this up to your partner. They should be supportive, understanding, and open to hear what you have to say. The feeling that you cannot speak your mind without backlash or conflict is a major sign of toxicity.

Feeling the Urge to Lie About Your Plans.

Having plans with friends and family is essential in developing relationships outside of just you and your partner. If your partner is constantly trying to get themselves invited to private friend hangouts or seems upset when they are not included, this can be a toxic trait. Lying about plans with your friends is not a healthy relationship; each partner should have their own support networks and friendships.

Your Partner is Constantly Texting Asking About Your Whereabouts and Who You’re With. 

While telling your partner where you are can be courteous, getting constant texts like, “Where are you??” when you’re out with friends is controlling. If you’re spending time with friends or even taking time by yourself, there should not be pressure to answer countless texts.

Friends and Family Not Liking the Way Your Partner Treats You.

There are a lot of exceptions to this in regards to family and friends that have different ideologies than you, but the key emphasis here is that your family and friends don’t like the way you’re being treated. It is challenging to admit toxic signs to yourself, so relying on friends and family to help you is always an excellent idea.

Always Hoping Your Partner Will Change.

Being in a relationship where you are constantly wanting your partner to act differently is a sign that this person is not for you. If your partner continues to promise that they will change but never do, this is extremely toxic.

Recognizing a toxic relationship is difficult and can be heart-breaking. Learning the signs can help you or your friends in the future. Trust your instincts and know your worth.

Lillian is a first-year at the University of Virginia and she is pursuing a B.S in Commerce with a concentration in Marketing. Lillian has a passion for raising awareness about domestic abuse in young women and advocating for women's health rights. She enjoys event planning and making fantastic Pinterest boards. Lillian also loves exploring her new home city of Charlottesville, VA! Check out her Instagram and LinkedIn profile to learn more.
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