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I have always struggled with finding jeans that fit. I have short legs and big thighs, meaning jeans tend to fit my legs and not my waist or are way too long for me. As a result, I have always dreaded jean shopping— so much so it has been four years since I bought new jeans. But when I finally ripped the bandaid off and decided my skin-tight jeans from sophomore year just weren’t working anymore, I found peace in the Madewell jeans selection. These jeans may be expensive, but in my opinion, they are worth every penny.


Madewell has tall and petite sizes.

I’ve always had to roll up or cuff my jeans because otherwise, I would be stepping all over them. I have heard many complaints from girls with long legs too; they don’t want every pair of jeans they own to be capris. It was so nice to feel like Madewell jeans finally fit the length of my legs, because any pants look altogether better on you when they are proportional to your body.

There are curvy jeans and plus sizes.

Finally, some body inclusivity! A lot of brands have started to incorporate more diversity in their sizes and fits, but I think Madewell in particular is on the right track. I got a pair of curvy high-waisted (petite) jeans and wow! I have never had a pair of jeans even come close to fitting the proportions of my body, and these jeans were able to hug my waist while giving my legs some room to breathe. I was previously under the impression that I could never wear any other fit besides skinny jeans, but Madewell proved me wrong.

You can find less expensive (and still cute!) jeans in the sale section.

I understand that I can go on and on about how great Madewell jeans are, but that will not convince some people to drop $100+ on a pair of jeans. I am slightly biased considering the whole haven’t-bought-jeans-in-four-years thing; I let myself splurge for when I did. But I promise if you look in the sales section, you can find jeans as low as $50-$60. And let’s face it: jeans are an expensive clothing item no matter how you cut it. Unless you are a thrifting queen (which if you are, more power to you), it’s going to be hard to find cheap jeans that also fit well.

The quality is worth the price.

It was my roommate who first suggested that I try Madewell jeans. She has had some of her Madewell jeans for over four years, and they look like she could’ve bought them yesterday. I have definitely been in that situation— particularly with online shopping— where you order something on the expensive side and you end up with a cheap, easily-rippable piece of cloth. With Madewell (or at least, with their jeans) that is not the case; these jeans are durable.

Madewell has all the different styles of jeans and many options in each style.

Sometimes I am frustrated when I am looking for a particular style of jeans online and I don’t like the four options available. Not only does Madewell have every style of jeans you could think of, they also have so many different washes and styles within those categories. The only exception is with flare jeans, but I chalk that up to that style being slightly less popular than others.

If you have ever felt like you can never find jeans that fit, I would highly suggest giving Madewell a try. These jeans may not work as well for you as they did for me, but hey, that's what returns are for. Buying Madewell jeans will be an investment, but it will be so worth it to feel cute and comfortable for years to come.

I am a second year studying in the College of Arts & Sciences. I love watching Netflix, hiking, and spending time with friends. Thanks for reading my work!
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