5 Random Gift Ideas for the Quirky Human in Your Life

It’s almost Thanksgiving break, which, in retail terms, means it’s actually Christmas already. The halls are decked, the Christmas trees are trimmed, and the bows are tied. If you’re feeling behind on shopping already, you’re right on schedule.

One of the main struggles in gift-getting is finding something unique. This list will help you find the unique gift that is guaranteed to delight and surprise its recipient!

1.     A box of vegetable seeds to plant and harvest in your own personal garden.

2.     A car decal that perfectly communicates the mourning of the great Harambe.

3.     A set of colorful pots and pans. You can be guaranteed that no one else got them the same thing and they’re super cute!

4.     A set of adorable animal and puzzle sandwich cutters. If the recipient does not like these, then you probably shouldn’t have been friends with them in the first place.

5.     A plate cover for preventing microwave explosions. It’s exactly what they didn’t know they needed. Or wanted. But now they’ll have it. And you to thank for it. Congratulations, you’re an amazing friend.

Happy gifting!