5 Fall Fashion Tips From the Iconic 90s TV Show "Friends"

Though the nonstop 85-degree weather makes it feel like fall will never arrive in Charlottesville, it's not too early to start fantasizing about turtleneck sweaters, suede boots, and fuzzy teddy bear coats. Since 2004, when my passion for fashion first bloomed and I never missed an episode of "Lizzie McGuire," I have been drawing wardrobe inspiration from my favorite TV characters. 

Recently, I found myself indulging in my go-to procrastination method: re-watching old episodes of "Friends" for the millionth time. It's no secret that Jennifer Aniston's Rachel Greene is somewhat of an icon in her own right, thanks to her Season 1 flippy layers that launched thousands of unfortunate haircuts. However, I never realized how trendy all of ladies of "Friends" truly were. Of course, there were certainly some regrettable fashion risks that should stay in the 90s where they belong (I'm looking at you and your calf-length peasant skirts, Phoebe). That being said, there are tons of style tips to be learned from Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe. 

1. A good leather jacket goes a long way.

Friends, Season 1: Episode 11       

Monica's worn-in leather bomber jacket is the perfect wardrobe staple for chilly autumn afternoons. The shiny black finish goes with any and everything. Oh, and bonus points for her beret, which is so on trend right now.

2. A neutral turtleneck is a must-have basic. 

Friends, Season 7: Episode 6

A fitted turtleneck is super flattering, and can be worn with sweaters, under dresses, or just on its own. You can go for the classic turtleneck, or a mock-neck style like the one Monica is wearing above.

3. A faux fur coat is the statement piece you didn't know your closet needed.

 Friends, Season 5: Episode 9

Phoebe's Muppets-inspired outerwear transforms a normal, casual outfit into a trendy, runway-ready ensemble. Choose a coat in a neutral color for a more wearable alternative to this in-your-face look. 

4. The athleisure trend is a totally legitimate excuse to wear sweatpants to class.

Friends, Season 3: Episode 9

OK, fine, they are dressed like this because they're actually doing something athletic. But thanks to off-duty models like Gigi Hadid and Alanna Arrington, sweatpants have gotten an upscale makeover. Invest in a good Adidas pair, or hunt down a vintage sweatshirt like the Giants one Monica is wearing, and you'll fit in with even the most seasoned street style veterans.    

5. Layering is the key to a versatile fall wardrobe.

Friends, Season 1: Episode 15

This is a chic example of how layering can turn the simplest pieces into a full, put-together outfit. Rachel’s classic wool mini dress is unexpectedly paired with an oversized brown army jacket, giving the look an effortless, cool-girl edge.