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4 Alternative To A Paper Journal That Are Just As Effective

For the longest of times, diaries and journals have been the go-to resources when people want to organize their thoughts and reflect on their day. However, although these two options are really effective because writing your thoughts down is great externalizing therapy, its become more and more apparent to me that they aren’t suited for everyone. What if you have terrible handwriting? What if you are a slow writer and keep forgetting what you were going to put down next? What if you simply don’t look forward to writing at all? If you fall under these categories, don’t worry, I have compiled a list of 4 alternatives to paper-journaling that are just as effective.


1.  Blogging

 For all those tech people and fast typers out there who enjoy working the web or using their laptops, blogging is a great option! In the digital era we live in right now, many people have actually switched almost completely to performing their everyday activities on their computer. Therefore, is it weird that journaling has also gone online? The answer is definitely not! From vlogging to Tumblr, the beauty of blogging lies in the fact that there are different types of it, so you can personalize your experience even more.


2.  Singing or Playing an Instrument

This one is a fabulous alternative for all aspiring musicians and music lovers. One of my friends was telling me the other day that a lot of the times the lyrics she writes are the words she can’t get out without a rhythm. Being a musician myself, I definitely agree with her, and I also want to add something else. If your thoughts are so personal that you don’t necessarily want to share them with the world, music gives you the opportunity to use imagery to “special code” your creations so that only you can decipher the true meaning of them!


3.  Drawing Your Thoughts Out

 This one is for all the artists out there! What if keeping a notebook as a diary isn’t what bothers you, but instead you don’t like the idea of writing? Well, no one ever said journaling is restricted to letters and sentences! Drawing seems to provide relief to many whose words alone can’t activate their deeper thoughts. When I asked another friend why she prefers this method, she said there is simply something relaxing about colors, lines and creativity that does the deed much more effectively that letters and sentences.


4.  Recording your Reflections

 My personal favorite, which has proven to be a great option for me. While it is a good idea to buy a recorder so you don’t use up all of your computer or phone´s memory, it is most certainly not a requirement. When I paper-journaled, I found that the hardest part was to not loose the train of my thoughts. I found myself getting extremely frustrated at the fact that while I was writing something down, another thought would appear but by the time I was done with the first idea, I had lost sight of the other one. Another pro of this method is that unlike paper journaling, you can “journal” wherever! While you walk from building to building or when you are on the bus, you can just put in those headphones and talk. People just assume you are on the phone and ignore you!


For different people there are different options, it is just a matter of adapting what you enjoy doing to what you want to do. Don’t get stuck on the standard options given to us; get creative!

"Dont set yourself on fire, to keep others from getting warm." -UnknownSecond Year Psyhcology Student at the University of Virginia. Wahoowa!
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