3 Sitcoms That Should Be Your Next Binge-Watch

Over my 2-month long winter break, I allowed myself to indulge in TV shows that I didn’t have the time to watch during my first semester. I watched a good variety of shows, but I think I have come to the conclusion that sitcoms will always be my absolute favorite type of television show to watch. They are the best type of show to have in the background when you’re doing homework, chores, or just chilling. Without further ado, here are some of my recent favorite sitcoms:


  1. 1. Schitt’s Creek

    Poster of Schitt's Creek

    Out of the three sitcoms I will recommend, Schitt’s Creek has to be my absolute favorite. It is my comfort show and it always gives me a good laugh. This sitcom is about a rich family, the Roses, who lose all of their money and have to suddenly move to a small town called Schitt’s Creek. It’s touching yet hilarious to see how this family moves past their pampered and luxurious lifestyle and learn how to survive and do things for themself. If you’re looking for a lighthearted show that will fill you with laughter, Schitt’s Creek is for you.

  2. 2. Brooklyn 99

    I started watching Brooklyn 99 right before coming back to school, and I can confidently say that I don’t think I’ve watched a show so fast. I’ve only made it through 5 of the 7 seasons, but each episode is always unique and can easily put a smile on my face in a matter of seconds. This show follows the officers of Brooklyn’s 99th precinct; the main character is Jake Peralta, a brilliant and carefree cop who always knows how to have a fun time, even when situations don’t call for it. If you love crime, I would definitely recommend Brooklyn 99 because it has the perfect mix of both crime/mystery as well as humor.

  3. 3. New Girl

    computer monitor showing Netflix selection screen

    If you haven’t heard of New Girl, I would be slightly concerned. Like Brooklyn 99, I haven’t finished New Girl, but it is such a heartwarming show that never fails to make me burst out into laughter. New Girl is about a woman named Jess who just went through a breakup and moves in with three single guys in Downtown LA. Each of the three guys she lives with has something oddly unique about them that make them so hilarious and enjoyable to watch. It’s also entertaining to watch Jess navigate through living with three single men, so if that is something that piques your interest, I would definitely recommend watching New Girl.


If you ever have some free time, especially during this ongoing pandemic, I would highly recommend checking out these sitcoms. They don’t require too much commitment and it’s always a good idea to lighten the mood during these difficult times.