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3 Make-Up Tips You Need to Know: Power of the Primers

I’ve never been a good artist. I am mediocre at best when it comes to stick figures, I refrain from doodling during class for the sake of the person sitting next to me, and my crafty date function costumes never end up wearable. But, over the past year I have become obsessed with another art form in itself: makeup. I have seven different shades of berry red lipstick and every brown eye shadow ranging from mocha to cappuccino. But as much as I love my makeup, the most disappointing phenomena is when I’ve spent time to construct the perfect smoky eye only to have its remnants dripping down my face after a night at Trinity. So in order to fight back, here are three products you probably don’t have in your makeup collection that you definitely should.

1. Face primer

Primer goes on top of your moisturizer and underneath your foundation. It basically fills in all the creases and pores setting a smooth canvas for you to apply your foundation. It leaves your face looking even and porcelain-smooth while keeping your makeup intact longer. After I started using this I began getting compliments on my skin and questions on how I got such a healthy looking complexion. My personal favorite is by Laura Mercier ($32). She makes it in a hydrating formula, radiant variation to add a dewy glow to your look and there is even an oil free option. Unfortunately it is a bit on the expensive side, and even though a little does go such a long way, it’s still a splurge. For the drug store version, try Loreal Magic Perfecting Base ($5.99) or Rimmel Fix & Perfect ($7.59).

2. Eyeshadow primer

I call this one the Trinity factor. The miraculous formula that gives your shadow the power to fight through the steamy, too hot to handle, sweaty arena that we all know and love as the Trinity dance floor. Rub a small amount on your eyelid from lash to brow before applying the rest of your makeup. On those weekend nights when I’ve skipped washing my face before bed (and regretted it in the morning), I wake up the next morning (or afternoon) with my smoky eye perfectly intact. I’ve fallen in love with Urban Decay’s Potion ($20) and have never looked back, but NYX High Definition Eye Shadow Base ($6.99) has gotten great reviews and Almay Bright Eyes Base & Concealer ($7.49) even doubles as a under eye concealer.

3. Eye lash primer

Sounds ridiculous right? Until you use it and people actually start to notice. Lash primer basically builds up your lashes so that the mascara has something to grab onto. It makes your lashes appear thicker and longer and basically moisturizes them before packing on your mascara. Personally, I have used a few and have loved the results of each and every one. Dior has probably been consistently referred to as the best by reviewers, but I’ve had success with both Lancome’s CILS BOOSTER XL Super-Enhancing Mascara Base ($23) and Clinique’s Lash Building Primer ($16). The drug store counterpart with raving reviews is L’Oréal Double Extend Lash Boosting Mascara and it comes in a dual wand ($12.99) with both mascara and the primer in one.

Incorporate these three products into your daily make-up routine, and you’ll never look back!


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