10 Sites to Find the Perfect Christmas Sweater

What’s Christmas without a good Christmas sweater? For those of you who still have yet to find the perfect woolen accessory for your favorite 25 days of the year, fear not! Santa’s helpers at Her Campus UVA have compiled a comprehensive list of the top places to look for the most important thing on your Christmas list.

1. Tipsy Elves

You probably saw them on Shark Tank, or else you unknowingly see these sweaters everywhere. With designs from Jesus and Santa having some ‘nog together to Santa reenacting the infamous Kim Kardashian Paper cover shot, these sweaters are sure to impress your friends and confuse your grandma all at once.

Get all of this for the price of 6 and a half burritos!

2. Department stores

Stores like Kohls, Macy’s, Walmart and Target have a surprisingly large variety of Christmas sweaters on their websites, especially for affordable prices.

This is $14; you’re basically losing money and Christmas spirit if you don’t buy it.

3. Amazon

The holy mecca of all online retailers, Amazon has way more sweaters than you could ever possibly have sent to your door the next day via Prime.

4. Ugly Christmas Sweater

Despite its name, this website has more than just ugly Christmas sweaters. Everything from leggings, jackets, NFL-themed sweaters, and, my personal favorite, 3D sweaters, can be found here. Although some of their products run a bit more expensive than other sites, they are definitely worth it to re-enact everyone’s favorite morning talk show hosts, Kelly and Michael (who once wore these on their show).

5. The Ugly Christmas

Another site with way too many options sticks out from the rest due to its eccentric models.

6. Ultimate Ugly Christmas

This website has a million options as well, and even lets you sort the products by ugliness.

7. The Sweater Store

This site has the option to buy gently used vintage and also new items, depending on what floats your boat. It even includes a variety of some that light up and play music, so you’re sure to find a good one there.

8. Your Ugly Christmas Sweater

This site has a great layout, with it being arranged by size and whether or not the sweater lights up, the only qualm is that many of these sweaters are gently used. Grab some Woolite and gingerbread and you should be good to go to any of your holiday gatherings!

9. Rusty Zipper

As the URL implies, these are all used vintage sweaters that make up for any stains or funny smells with the amount of cheer they bring to anyone who you run into.

10. Urban Outfitters

If you want a sweater that’s actually sort of high quality and not too shockingly expensive, Urban Outfitters has the limited options of a cardigan and a pullover, but they are both definitely still in the holiday spirit!

Only $34 at Urban Outfitters!