Your Room Is Ready: Menger Hotel

Getting a good night’s rest at a hotel after traveling many hours on the road sounds ideal except for when there is a ghost or two lingering around. 

Built in 1859, The Menger Hotel, in downtown San Antonio is said to be the most haunted hotel in all of San Antonio. The doors opened on February 1st, near the Alamo. Quite a few famous people have stayed in this hotel. To name a few: Teddy Roosevelt, Babe Ruth, General Robert E. Lee, and many others. 

There have been numerous stories of hauntings at this hotel, such as Teddy Roosevelt’s ghost sitting at the bar. As well as footsteps of military boots clunking on the stairs since most guests who stayed here were part of the Battle of the Alamo. One of the most famous hauntings at the Menger would be the story of Sallie White. 

Sallie White was a maid at the Menger and a dedicated one. She was loved dearly at the hotel. She had an incredibly jealous common-law husband, who took his jealousy over the top on March 28, 1876 when he shot her twice. However, she did not die immediately, it was not until two days later that she died on the 3rd floor of the hotel. 

It has been said that her ghost haunts the hotel to this day. People have said they have seen her holding a stack of towels. Rumor has it, if you want to see her and get her attention then you must mess up the bed and she will come and make it up. If you really want to be spooked, then stay on the 3rd floor where she died and you will for sure feel and see her presence. 

Maybe this Halloween you could book a room at the Menger and live to tell of the hauntings. Happy Spooky Season!!