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The Worst Fashion Trends of 2021 (From A Non-Fashion Student)

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UTSA chapter.

The 2021 fashion industry has seen a lot. Many fashion trends have been driven by social media apps such as TikTok and Instagram, which has also created the debate of microtrends and the sustainability of them. As much as I loved this year in the terms of fashion (baggy jeans, please never go out of style), I’ve complied a list of fashion trends I cannot love as much as I want to.

  1. Beaded jewelry: As cute and vibrant as this statement piece is, I cannot get into this trend because I personally feel that it is not versatile in the same way a pearl necklace or silver jewelry is. It goes well with the Y2K aesthetic going on in social media, but other than that, I cannot see it lasting long. It fits more of a seasonal trend like summer, but not year-round.
  2. Low-rise jeans: Being a curvy girl and seeing y2k come back has caused a bit of self-consciousness in me, as the y2k fashion trends often glorify skinny women. I’ve seen how ruthless social media users are to curvy women when they are wearing these jeans, and the idea of wearing them scares me. Additionally, they look very uncomfortable.
  3. Sweater vests: I personally believe these are very tacky and uncomfortable to wear anytime of the year besides winter. Although they make good statement pieces, I would not wear one that has a pattern, and instead go for a plain white or brown sweater, as it is timeless.
  4. Chunky rings: Forgive me for saying this, but these look so tacky and like something a child would wear. They are not timeless the same way silver and gold rings are. They are colorful and vibrant, but it is just trendy to wear these.
  5. Crochet: I love how retro the crochet patterns are but after a while, these look cheap and painful to look at.

If you genuinely love any of these trends, don’t listen to social media to determine if you are fashionable or not. Individualism in fashion NEVER goes out of style.

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