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Why I Canceled My Subscriptions

You might have a couple subscriptions. I had more than a “couple”. I was slowly becoming addicted to trying new subscriptions. The happiness I got from getting a package every month was just beyond me.  




It all began with IPSY, and then I tried Birchbox, and Warby Parker, and then Pura Vida, and then Fabletics, Dollar Shave Club and soon enough I wanted to try more. When I found myself “skipping a month” every other month I realized I truly didn’t need this stuff. It was fun to try new makeup and new face care products, and I have found some favorites that I continued to buy.


Although I had to get my priorities in order. I was spending about $30 to $40 a month on subscriptions. Why? Cause what even are priorities? Now don’t get me wrong, these monthly gifts from myself are awesome. They’re great companies, and the products are awesome. But too many can really put a financial strain on you and you don’t even realize it.


So I planned some trips for this summer. I set financial goals. I wanted to save enough money for a couple concerts, and merchandise and summer trips. Making a budget can be harder than you think, so I had to really set manageable savings amounts. I also wanted to be able to treat myself more often. I get myself a coffee on Friday mornings, and lunch on campus on Thursday afternoon. It’s a nice way to keep my sanity.



I did keep two subscriptions though . . . IPSY and Dollar Shave Club. Thats a total of $15 a month and it’s not too bad if I’m being honest. I get new razors AND makeup every month. I let go of the rest and things are good. If I want to try more, I gotta let one go. Simple as that.


Don’t get caught up in subscriptions, or anything that you don’t truly need. Treat yourself, pay your bills, and go out with your friends. It’s better and far more enjoyable than workout clothes, bracelets and other random things. You’ll feel much better too.

Esmeralda is a senior Marketing and Tourism major at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Her major interests include anything to do with food, organization and the outdoors. She usually buys more books than she can read, drinks too much coffee for her own good, and is a grilled cheese enthusiast. You can find her giving UTSA campus tours or actively getting her life together one calendar update at a time.
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