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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UTSA chapter.

We all know the lyrics to Beyoncé’s song, who runs the world… GIRLS!!! Well, I do not want to be biased and say girls rule and boys drool, but girls, ladies, we need to find what empowers us. We need to remember that we are way more than we think of ourselves. As Christopher Robin once said:

“You are braver than you believe,

and stronger than you seem,

and smarter than you think.”

In today’s world, women can feel dragged down by the expectations set for us to live by. The expectations range from education, career, and even bodily image. I think women in today’s society are either super-empowered or feel as if they have no voice and are not good enough.

BUT HEY! Listen up, ladies, Y O U A R E G O O D E N O U G H!!!

I recently became a member of the UTSA Victoria’s Secret PINK campus team, and one thing has stuck out to me that PINK, in general, is doing. Victoria’s Secret PINK has joined a movement around mental health and has been using one beautiful saying:

“I am Enough.”

I think that saying is what all of us amazing women need to tell ourselves daily. We need to stop letting the little things get to us like how fit or skinny we should be. Due to the work field being so competitive these days between men and women, we need to remember that what we accomplish is enough. The types of degrees/the number of degrees we obtain are enough. We need to stop powering down and power up!

Our potential as women in this world is limitless; we just need to believe that. We might not seem like the ‘whole package’ to certain people, but who cares? We ought to stop caring what others think about us and start thinking positively of ourselves. So, ladies, pick up your beautiful heads and power up!


We girls do rule, and boys do kind of drool.

Hi, I'm Natalie and am a junior at UTSA! Born and raised in San Antonio, I basically live at La Cantera mall. Catch me writing, reading or laughing too much!