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You probably bought a pack of these at Walmart when everything started to require them thinking it would only last a few weeks but here you are 10 boxes deep.. Just buy a reusable one and be done, sis.


You have eyelash extensions that are hanging on for dear life and you probably own ugg slippers. These are cute but there’s no way they’re not itchy.


You came into this pandemic prepared. You have a reversible, two printed, name embroidered, adjustable strap “facial covering” from an Etsy shop your mom recommended. Points for the originality but maybe take it down a few notches, you don’t need a new mask for every occasion and outfit.

Solid Color

You probably bought this at a department store check out line because you were tired of wearing the disposable ones. You’re pretty chill and just needed something you could keep in your car to wear to Target.

Print or Tie-Dye

You’re just a quirky college kid who wants to show how trendy and cute they are with their simple cute mask look how cute it is like no really did you see this cute floral one I found? You probably have “normalize masks! <3” in your bio

Word Prints

This is weird, it gives the same vibe as words printed on the back of short shorts; I don’t wanna stare at your mouth for 5 minutes trying to read a caption that probably isn’t even funny, knock it off.

Clear Mouth Inserts

These are cursed and if I ever see you wearing one I will assume you are being forced against your will and call the authorities because there’s just no way someone in their right mind would willingly wear this and be okay with it.


Just tell me masks are stupid and lick a public restroom doorknob. We get it, sweetie.


You’re too lazy to buy a real mask and probably found this in the darkest corner of your closet from a junior year high school spirit day. That, or you frequently attend raves and loved how convenient it was to now reuse it for a global pandemic.

No Mask

You 100% call Covid-19 the “Kung flu” and cough on people as a ‘joke’. Kindly return to the dumpster fire you came from <3

All of these are said in good fun (except no-maskers, seriously you’re a POS), if you’re wearing a mask, that’s all that matters no matter the style or creepy mouth insert ;). Stay safe and wash your hands!

Hi I'm Miranda, I'm from Fort Worth and am in my Junior year here at UTSA. Some of my interests are style, makeup, and scrolling through pinterest when I should be studying. In addition to Her Campus, I'm also a part of the sorority Phi Mu! If my writing isn't a perfect insight into my snarky personality, hopefully you can get to know me better through my artciels all about trends, lifestyle, and more!
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