What Could Be This Year's Most Popular Halloween Costumes and How to Afford Them

 If you look at your calendar or if you just look at your phone, you can see that we have finally made it closer to everybody’s favorite holiday… HALLOWEEN. The month of October is officially upon us. The month where the air starts to get a bit cooler, pumpkin spice lattes are now everywhere, your fall decorations come out, and pumpkin patches and haunted houses are on the agenda. Well... we can hope for that colder weather. However, this is also the month we should be buying our costumes for that last day and the only 31st we care about. 

Whether you are going trick-or-treating with your kids, siblings, etc., or even with your friends because we all know we are never too old to go receive candy from adults who are now probably people we went to high school with. Or if you plan to go out to those wanna be costume parties, but end up being one of the five people who actually dress up, you are at the right place. Here is a guide to help you find ways to afford and dress up as what I think could be 2019’s most popular costumes this Halloween.

  1. 1. Stranger Things

     The most-watched show on Netflix this summer… I mean EVER.  How can you not want to dress up as Eleven this time around? They upped the 80s fashion this year, channeling her inner “Material Girl” from the one and only Madonna. Dig in your mom’s closet or take a trip to a thrift store; the 80s have and we never go out of style. You just need a pair of your favorite mom jeans, blue suspenders, get a baggy button-up that you can splatter with paint, and add a bright yellow scrunchy. But let's not forget the most underrated, but the internet’s most overrated character- ‘Alexei’. If you have just an oversized button-up, tucked in baggy khakis, with your childhood teddy bear in one hand and a CHERRY Slurpee in the other, you can add a pair of aviators from Forever 21 for only $5.90, and you got a cheap, but very accurate costume ready to go.

  2. 2. Old Town Road

    The number #1 song on Billboards for 19 weeks straight, has to tell you that Lil Nas X has officially made his mark in today’s society. So of course, his cowboy get-up and also cultural breakthrough has young millennials and gen x, making history with him as well. Now, I can’t say that this costume will be the cheapest, but your closest bet will be a DIY. Start with a black cowboy hat, sparkly fringe jacket, and some wrangler jeans. Then with a hot glue gun, get some crazy and colorful fake jewels to glue on everywhere. Put your boots on and some oversized shades and you are a Lil Nas X lookalike. P.s. It helps to have most of these items in your closet already to save some money.

  3. 3. Euphoria

    Can we just start with how did this show not get any nominations for an Emmy, MTV Award, People’s Choice, anything? But what we really need to talk about is ZEN-DAY-A, and of course the rest of the cast that shows out with their exotic and lavish eye-makeup, which should be nominated for an award itself. This might be one of the easiest and will probably be the most popular costumes this year. Throw one some bedazzling rhinestones and glitter on those eyelids of yours, which you can buy at your local Walmart. Add a thick line of neon-colored eyeliner or even that everyday black liner that you can go crazy with. Put on an outfit that can be super outrageous, scandalous, or plain out simple like a hoodie, and trust me your eye-makeup makes up for all of it.

  4. 4. Game of Thrones

    Yes. This is one of the most popular costumes once again. But hey, maybe since they finally aired their final season, we won’t have to see another Jon Snow AGAIN next year. Although they are overplayed, they are not to be played with. You can find oversized faux fur coats or even a brown leather corset for under $20 at Amazon. Top off with a vintage long skirt or leather pants and you can call yourself Ayra Stark. If you have that maxi white dress, you can wrap into a halter top, and just add worn-out leather belts around your waist to get one of Daenery’s known looks. Put on those long brown or black boots that you never get to wear because of this Texas weather and just do your hair in two braids to pin back. Be creative, and be your own queen.

  5. 5. Aladdin

    Your 6-year-old dreams have finally come true. Princess Jasmine is now back in style!! Who would have thought, that in 2019 Princess Jasmine will still be relevant? Head back home, go through your childhood boxes in your attic and pull out that mini two-piece costume you've never thrown away. But honestly, Princess Jasmine wears her top like a crop, and so can you. In all seriousness, with this new live movie coming our earlier this year, I think people have taken interest in another character. Who wouldn’t want to be Genie, or in this case Will Freaking Smith!! Your best bet is to be creative with the blue paint and art designs on your body, as well as going to your local Halloween store and finding Aladdin pieces to complete your look.