UTSA Students Join Others at San Antonio Woman's Rally

UTSA Students joined others at the San Antonio Woman's Rally on Saturday, January 19th in Downtown San Antonio.​

Members of the Tehuan Band of Mission Indians perform a smoke ritual before the start of the rally

Political activist encourages civic engagement by asking for signatures on a petition

Female leaders of a native tribe offer introductory words of wisdom at the start of the Women’s Rally

Members from UTSA organizations Women in Leadership and IGNITE participate in the rally to showcase their active presence in their local community

 Rally-goers talk amongst each other before the start of the rally

 Bundled up for the brisk January weather, rally-goers sip hot coffee before the start of the outdoor event

 Despite the chilly weather, rally-goers warm up by dancing and celebrating the annual event for unity and equality

 Even with our nation’s tense political climate, excitement and positive attitudes flood the air as the large turnout of the event encourages people to unify and stand in solidarity

Rally-goer holding up “Nasty Woman” sign, citing President Trump’s past remarks about Hillary Clinton

Individuals took the opportunity to be creative with their rally outfits, finding ways to express their civic engagement in thoughtful yet humorous ways

Rally-goer holding up sign in Spanish that translates to “no saint, no whore, just woman!”

With the Trump Administration making controversial decisions about women’s reproductive rights, many rally-goers showed out with creative signs such as this one, reading “Let's discuss the elephant in the womb”

 Rally organizer Barbie makes opening remarks at the start of the rally

The Tehuan Band of Mission Indians show their support at rally by performing special drum ceremony to bless supporters