Travis Scott: Now And Forever A Roadrunner?

Because the game did not raise the bar very high, I feel confident saying that this is one of the most exciting things to come out of the most recent Super Bowl. In case you haven’t been on Twitter in the last few weeks here’s a fun fact for you: Travis Scott, Super Bowl performer, is a UTSA alumnus (alright, he dropped out his sophomore year, but he went to UTSA just the same!)


Soon after the halftime show, UTSA released a tweet celebrating alumnus Travis Scott, most likely hoping to gain some attention for the university. (As if there is anyone out there thinking “Travis Scott is my hero and if HE went to UTSA, I’M gonna go to UTSA!”)



While I wish we had famous alumni, I was more interested in and I thought it was cool to see, so I liked the tweet. Like many others, I was surprised to see what UT Austin proceeded to tweet out, especially knowing the fun fact that UTSA had just let us all know.


That @UTFootball would put something out referencing him saying “This. Is Texas.” followed by a Hook 'Em is… honestly, kinda funny. As expected, memes followed.



Beyond the memes was a sort of entitled outrage by UTSA ‘Runners. Hilariously enough, this outrage that UT would claim Travis Scott lead to an “investigation,” proving what we already knew: he was no Longhorn.



Regardless of what opinions about schools these tweets may bring, one thing is certain: the man didn’t even graduate and if he did… it doesn't really matter. All he did was interrupt the Bubble Bowl, anyway.