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Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Know How To Sew: because not all of us took Home Ec

It’s Eco & Budget-Friendly

Instead of buying completely new clothes (that’ll eventually need their own handful of repairs), consider buying yards of fabric at your local thrift stores and yard sales. Also, since you are able to pick your own fabrics, you can choose ones that are responsibly sourced using fair-trade or even organically grown cotton. You can also choose to save a few bucks and repurpose things you already own!

You Can Mend Your Clothes

Imagine not having to throw out your favorite pair of leggings because they have a dumb hole in them anymore! No more visits to the tailor because you can make the repairs on your own! Close up a tear, hem your own jeans, sew on a missing button. All of these will extend your clothes’ life (and even save you a little money in the long run).

Improve Your Confidence & Dexterity

Starting a project is easy, but finishing one can be hard. Sewing is a great way to beat procrastination as it takes planning, preparation, focus, patience, and endurance. Not only that but showing off your new creation will build your self-esteem, as you can be proud of something you’ve created from scratch.

Expresses Creativity

Making your own pieces means you can tailor your outfits to you. You guarantee the perfect size, price, and most importantly, your creativity. Your outfit will be one of a kind! In need of a Halloween costume? When you learn to sew, you can come up with a creative costume and make it a reality. 

It’s Easy to Learn

Sewing is now easier than ever to learn! Whether you decide to learn with a machine or by hand, the internet is a great place to start. Youtube has plenty of free tutorials, but if you’re looking for something more in-depth check out Teach You To Sew – Sewing Solutions for Everyday People! Their free guides cover everything from terminology to product reviews that make the entire process ~seamless~.

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