Tips on Managing a Social Life and School


As college students we all want to have fun and party but at the same time be successful in all of our courses. This can be very hard for some students and might take a little bit longer to get a good routine going. As a very bad procrastinator, I have taken these few tips to becoming a better student while still having fun this school year round.


  1. Make a Schedule

Getting a cute little planner and writing in it regularly is definitely something that takes a while to get used to. Especially if you previously had only made mental notes of all the things you needed to do and remember. Planners are great to jot down dates for exams, when your assignments are due, and most importantly when the next big is!




  1. Prioritize

Putting the most important tasks on your To Do list first is a great way to finish assignments that are worth the most points. Instead of finishing all of the small, easy things, it is best to write that essay you’ve been needing to do rather than the crossword puzzle for Bio. Once that paper is done, doing all your small assignments will be easy peasy lemon squeezy. Now, with all your homework done you can have a weekend of relaxing after a long week of school.


  1. Don’t Fall Behind

One of the biggest issues I have and continue to work on everyday is doing my class work as it is given to me. Falling behind is one of the worst things you can do in college. No professor is going to slow down or stop their class just because you have not finished the assigned homework or are struggling to keep up. So staying on top of assignments and lectures will cause less stress when the exams come up. Instead of  you spending the whole weekend trying to catch up  on school work and studying while your friends go out to eat.



It might take a few months of trial & error to start a new routine that best fits you but once it’s down you are sure to have a great 4 years in college. Stress free and having fun!