There's This Thing Called "Momo" Going Around The Internet and It's Scary AF!

Ah, the Internet. It never ceases to amaze and horrify us.

In this edition of Internet-manufactured nightmare fuel, there's an image of a creepy Japanese doll called “Momo” circulating social media sites. Not only does the creature have an incredibly terrifying face, it has also been spreading panic and fear among parents after multiple incidents have been reported of “Momo” appearing in children’s Youtube videos and instructing kids to harm themselves. What. The. Hell.



Even though the image has reportedly been targeted toward young children, I think we can all agree that “Momo” looks like something straight out a horror film. Here’s what it looks like, in case you’re wondering (probably not):



The image has been causing such a panic that parents—even Kim Kardashian West—have involved law enforcement and warned fellow parents to be aware of what videos their children watch on the Internet, as it may contain images of the frightening doll.

Image of Kim K’s insta story (From Business Insider Malaysia):


While many news sites have already been flagging the "Momo challenge" as a social media hoax, there’s no denying that this new meme has given children and adults nightmares for weeks to come. If anything, this meme is a perfect example of how much of a scary place the Internet has become for young, vulnerable children. Be careful out there kids—it’s a wild, wild world.