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The Biggest Mistakes I Made in My Skincare Journey – So You Won’t Make Them Too

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Let’s face it, acne is a rite of passage as kids mature into teenagers. However, it is often not pleasant, and at times heavily impacts self-esteem. This was the case for me, and I went through quite an intense skincare journey. Along the way, I realized that it could’ve been simpler by skipping these simple mistakes:

  1. Listening to beauty gurus. By listening to beauty gurus that specialized in makeup, and with no training in aesthetics, I chose products that weren’t suited for me. While they might not mean harm, the products they recommended were something that worked for them and their skin type. After learning from that, I opted to listen to estheticians and dermatologists who spoke about products from an ingredient-based perspective and which skin type it would benefit. 
  2. Not knowing my skin. Skincare is not necessarily a one-size-fits-all. Your skin may be oily, combination, or dry, and catering to these concerns is what starts transforming the skin. While using hydrating products for oily skin doesn’t hurt, it might not target acne rooted in excess oil. (Keep in mind to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated regardless of skin type as constant stripping of oils causes the skin to produce more). 
  3. Overwhelming my skin. Once I had learned what could help, I was overwhelmed by options from the industry, along with crazy 10 step routines that claimed would make my skin look amazing. It wouldn’t be long however, until my skin felt overwhelmed by the number of new products. In hindsight, I learned more products doesn’t mean better skin, and sometimes less is more. To fix this, I went back to the basics, and slowly started introducing new products when needed, knowing results wouldn’t be instantaneous. 

Remember, always use sunscreen!

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