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The Anxiety’s New(ish) Song, and More to Download

Willow, The Anxiety, and Tyler Cole put out an album in 2020 that included the song “Meet Me at Our Spot.” This song recently went viral on TikTok, and made me rethink the music I listen to. I’ve always loved a wide variety of music, but sometimes you hear a new song that just makes you feel a certain way, and you want to listen to more like that song. Here are some suggestions of songs that I feelhave the same vibe as this album.

Liz by remi wolf

The song “Liz” by Remi Wolf was released in June of this year, and you should definitely give it a listen. It’s upbeat but still has a lowkey and chill vibe to it.

kilby girl by the backseat lovers

The Backseat Lovers put out the song “Kilby Girl” in 2019 and it is definitely a rock song you want to listen to.

one more weekend by maude latour

Maude Latour is an up and coming singer/songwriter and you should definitely give her song a listen. If you have the time (we all have time for good music), listen to her other songs too!

are you bored yet? by wallows

Wallows started making music in 2017 and has had a ton of hits since, “Are You Bored Yet?” is one of their most popular songs that has also gone viral on tiktok lately.

sunflower by michele leigh

“Sunflower” by Michele Leigh was released in 2020 and is such a fun song to listen to. It’s not your normal pop song and is definitely worth your time!

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