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Are You More Hype For Thanksgiving or Black Friday?

When looking forward to November are people actually looking forward to having a thanksgiving feast, or are they looking forward to all the sales happening right after?

When I think about us already being in November, I start thinking as to how crazy it is that we’re this far into the year! In the month of November, I start looking back as to how I will be going home soon for Thanksgiving and spending time with my loved ones. Besides thinking about this, I also think about how I will be able to go shopping and all the great deals I will be able to get on Black Friday. For all the people that don’t do much in-person shopping due to their preference in shopping online, or to the people that are still worried about covid, don’t worry, Cyber-Monday has got you covered. The great thing about Cyber-Monday, is that you get to avoid all the lines you would have in stores, and it would be a quick and easy checkout. Besides this, it is basically the same thing as Black Friday. I asked 3 individuals that I know what they really look forward to in the month of November and to choose between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or Thanksgiving, and these were their responses:

  1. “I look forward to Thanksgiving because it’s when I spend time with my family, since sometimes I only spend time with them once a year. Since I’m stable now, there is no reason to look forward to black Friday because I can buy anything on any given day now.” (55-year-old woman)
  2. “I look forward to Thanksgiving, because of all the food; to eat turkey, mac and cheese casserole and etc.” (28-year-old woman)
  3. “In the month of November, I look forward to the food on Thanksgiving and my dogs since I live away from home and this is the time i get to go back home.” (20-year-old woman)

Seeing these responses to my question as to what they look forward to in the month of November, I believe it is safe to say that they look forward to Thanksgiving rather than to the sales that will be given on Black Friday or Cyber-Monday. Don’t get me wrong, there is that small portion that will look forward to Black Friday or Cyber-Monday because they may want to buy something that is needed in their household and aren’t able to buy it at full price. Here’s the question for you, what do you look forward to in the month of November? Thanksgiving? Black Friday? Or are you a person that prefers online shopping and looks forward to Cyber-Monday?

Hey guys! I just transferred to UTSA, I’m currently a junior and I’m majoring in criminal justice and minoring in psychology. I am a very outgoing person and very easy to talk to so if you need a friend I’m always here since I’m always up for everything and anything! I am currently trying to live my best life, by traveling because I believe why should I wait until I’m older if I can just do it now while I’m young and care free because who knows what will happen right?
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