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Saying Goodbye to Our Childhood with the Finale of Arthur

Oh, how our generation loves nostalgia. We’ve seen it through fashion trends, with claw clips and one-shoulder tank tops coming back into style. It’s like we’re reliving our childhood, but the thing about reminiscing is realizing that we’re adults now.

Nothing screams, “you’re an adult now” than your favorite childhood show ending. Calling all 90’s and 2000’s kids…I have bad news. The beloved PBS Kids T.V. show, Arthur, will be ending this year. In case you don’t feel old yet, Arthur has been airing for 25 years. 

The show will wrap up by showing the characters as adults. In a way, it’s like we grew up with Arthur, and Arthur grew up with us. As we enter adulthood, our favorite childhood T.V. shows remind us that growing up is inevitable. As college students, it may feel as though we’re not really adults yet and don’t know what to expect after graduating college. Our childhood T.V. shows bring us comfort with the unknown chapters after college.

 I guess this means our childhoods are officially over, BRB while I go reminisce my childhood some more.

Austinite, iced coffee, and dogs!
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