San Antonio International Women's Day March

La lucha sigue: Nevertheless, we persist.


This past Saturday I attended the 29th Annual San Antonio International Women’s Day March (the first march I have ever attended!) When we first gathered, everyone was taking pictures with and of everyone’s signs, reporters were asking questions, and the energy in the air was unique and electric. We were all gathered for the same thing: to show support and fight for women (this was a peaceful demonstration, so obviously no real fighting.) Once we had gathered and the blessing was performed it was time to start marching.


As we made our way through the designated part of the city, I looked at the signs around me. So many people had ones that said “I Support Planned Parenthood” or expressed sentiment that every woman is entitled to the right to be themself and be treated with dignity. This especially includes trans women, immigrant women, working women, and women who are victims of abuse. The chants went along with these themes: “Their body, their choice,” “More education, less mass incarceration,” “Trans rights are human rights! Women rights are human rights!,” “Black lives matter!”


After the march was a rally in which there were multiple speakers standing and working for various causes: trans rights, women’s rights, putting an end to rape culture (a powerful speech given by UTSA’s own Kimiya Factory,) Planned Parenthood, and workers’ rights. There were tables for indigenous people, a group campaigning for expanded health coverage, Planned Parenthood, and others.


I had so much fun at my first women’s march. It was amazing experience to see so many powerful women and people gathering in solidarity with one another. Young, old, black, white, brown, they, her, him, gay, straight: everyone was working together with one another to fight for the right and fair treatment of all women. Can’t wait for next year!