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Rihanna Is Pregnant! Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Her Relationship With A$AP Rocky.

The Barbadian singer, CEO, and model Rihanna is expecting her first child with rapper A$AP Rocky. The two have been dating for almost 2 years now and are nothing short of an iconic superstar couple. Where did their story begin, you might ask?

As far as we know, Rihanna and Rocky’s friendship dates all the way back to 2012.

In 2012, Rihanna recorded a remix of her song Cockiness (Love It) with A$AP Rocky, and the two later performed it at the MTV Video Music Awards after the song’s release.

In addition to their collaboration, Rocky joined Rihanna in 2013 on the North American leg of her Diamonds World Tour. The tour was extremely successful, which I’m sure secured Rocky a definite spot on Rih’s good side.

Five years later, in 2018, the two appeared in public once more, sitting in the front row of a Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week. Five years later! Talk about the friends-to-lovers trope.

2018-2019: Extravaganzas and red carpets

In September of 2018 and 2019, Rocky attended Rihanna’s annual Diamond Ball, dressed to the nines and exuding, “supportive friend who maybe wants to be more than friends” energy.

A few months later, in December 2019, R&R attended the British Fashion Awards together in London. The two were dressed to the nines, which was nothing out of the ordinary. Rih glowed in a beautiful mint-green satin dress with matching gloves, shawl, and heels. She completed her outfit with a gorgeous pearl necklace and impeccable eyeshadow. Rocky did his part by sporting a sleek black suit by Fenty, Rihanna’s brand.

2020: Rih splits with boyfriend, dating rumors with rocky begin

In January of 2020, Rihanna publically split with her longtime boyfriend, Hussan Jameel. The breakup was not messy, at least not publically, and insiders state that it was due to the fact that their lives were, “too different” and “too difficult to maintain.”

Six months later, Rih and Rocky collaborated together to promote Fenty Skin, Rihanna’s skincare brand. The two are featured in Fenty Skin photos as well as a video interview from GQ.

December 2020 was an eventful month for R&R, as they went from being spotted together on multiple occasions, to full-blown dating rumors after the two were spotted spending Christmas together, visiting Rihanna’s family in Barbados.

rih sports rocky’s shoes on gorgoeus instagram post

Ringing in the 2021 new year, Rihanna posts some breathtaking flicks of herself in a green metallic bikini along with a pair of strapped heels designed by Rocky himself in collaboration with footwear designer Amina Muaddi.

l.a. dinner date!

R&R were spotted during an intimate dinner date at Delilah in Los Angeles in early April of 2021. The couple had reportedly been together since the summer of 2020, despite Rocky obviously being in love with Rihanna for years. Since their first collab perhaps? An insider told Us Weekly, “Things changed over the summer and they finally hooked up. They’ve been together ever since”.

May 2021: A$AP publically confesses feelings for rihanna.

In May of 2021, in an interview with GQ, Rocky refers to Rih as his “lady” and “love of [his] life,” revealing that the two of them rented a large tour bus in the summer of 2020 and embarked on a trip all around America. He recalls the trip and credits it with helping him find himself and allowing the pair to grow even closer.

GQ: “What’s it like to be in a relationship?”

R: “So much better when you got the One. She amounts to probably, like, a million of the other ones…I think when you know, you know. She’s the One.”

that leaves us with…this week.

Pregnant! Pregnant! Pregnant! And, did I mention pregnant?

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were photographed together on January 31st, introducing the world to Rih’s baby bump. Rihanna is absolutely glowing, sporting, according to Us Weekly, a 29 thousand-dollar outfit.

This love story is just beginning. Ten years in the making, and R&R are embarking on their most fruitful journey yet: parenthood.

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