RAICES: The Non-Profit You Need To Know About

There are a lot of causes and organizations I hold close to my heart, but as a Texan the one that’s (literally) the closest to home is RAICES (Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services). The nonprofit, which was founded in 1986,  provides assistance to immigrants, and right now their work is more important than ever. According to their website, they are currently the largest immigrant legal services provider in Texas. Right now on their social media, they are very vocally helping and are concerned for those seeking asylum.


Not only does the organization provide legal assistance to these immigrants, they are also extremely focused on advocacy. The organization uses their growing platform in order to spread information that combats hate and discrimination. RAICES is even conducting a “Migration is Beautiful” day of action in order to bring more awareness and understanding to their cause and to the human beings’ lives that are hurt by our country’s indifference to humanity.


Although I would love to intern for the organization, I sadly am not fluent in Spanish and am therefore underqualified. However, there are plenty of ways we can all help this awesome organization! Obviously, we can make donations (many people enjoy doing so in Donald Trump’s name rather than listening to his speeches.) If that isn’t possible due to whatever situation you may be in financially, even a retweet helps spread their message to others! (or an article…) Personally, I bought a PopSocket, that is still currently available, and half of the profits went to RAICES. This has the added benefit on sparking discussion when someone wonders what is on my PopSocket (plus, I needed a new one, anyway.)


RAICES is an amazing organization that advocates for the rights of immigrants and provides a voice to those who are voiceless in the face of powerful hatred. Living in a state that shares the much disputed border in current events, I feel that it is important to care about, support, and appreciate these types of actions. Please consider looking into RAICES and finding a way that you as an individual can help out your neighbors and fellow human beings.