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Who wants to laugh? I want to laugh! I hope you do too because oh do I have a show for you! The Emmy’s agree with me here considering they nominated this special show 19 times and gave it 9 Emmy Awards. Now, now, I understand you all are dying to know what show I am talking about. Well, the name of this hilarious and family-friendly show is Schitt’s Creek.

The 72nd Emmy Awards were held this last Sunday, September 20. Of all the amazing shows, actors, and actresses, Schitt’s Creek and its cast received quite a bit of attention. If you do not know what show I am referring to then stop what you’re doing (but please finish this article) and go to Netflix and binge-watch! It’s only 6 seasons, c’mon you can finish it in a day. Take a break from your studies, if you can, and watch Schitt’s Creek, you will not be disappointed.

Not only is this show family-friendly but it is hilarious. Something about how the cast gets along brings light and comedic air to the room, rather to the screen. Among the 9 awards won, Schitt’s Creek got Outstanding Comedy Series-2020. They deserved it as well as the other awards. The talk after the Emmy’s was that Schitt’s Creek set the record for most awards won in just one season, it’s last one.

The special aspect of this show is that Eugene and Daniel Levy who are father and son in the show and in real life were the people who created Schitt’s Creek. Not to spoil anything for you all but what this show is about is a wealthy family losing everything they had and having to move somewhere else. The acclimating to the new town this family has to do is what brings the humor to the show, in my opinion. The family consists of 2 children and a husband and wife. If you are wondering why the name “Schitt” well, watch the show.

I could go on and on about each award from the Emmy’s that was awarded to this show and its cast but that could take a while. I hope I at least informed you all on the show that set a record at this past amazing Emmy’s Awards. Also, do not forget to take a break from your studies and go watch Schitt’s Creek, it’ll give you a good laugh!

Hi, I'm Natalie and am a junior at UTSA! Born and raised in San Antonio, I basically live at La Cantera mall. Catch me writing, reading or laughing too much!
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