Nine Trendy Instagram Stickers

Is your Instagram story missing something? Here’s how to find cute  Instagram stickers. Type the following into the GIF search bar:

  1. 1. Handwritten.

    You’ll find cursive fonts and colorful phrases to spice up your story!

  2. 2. Boho.

    These gifs consist of sunny drawings that live up to the boho aesthetic.

  3. 3. Steffi.

    If you’re looking for a colorful sticker then definitely look this one up. You’ll find a mix of cute phrases and flowers.

  4. 4. Studiojonesie.

    Need to make an announcement? Find your next “new post” sticker with these exciting gifs!

  5. 5. Hanmade.

    Centered around a black, white, and pink color scheme these gifs can add some motivation to your Monday!

  6. 6. Muchable.

    These colorful gifs radiate good vibes and are perfect for outdoor photos.

  7. 7. Mikyla.

    If your picture is bright even it out with these pastel gifs.

  8. 8. Izzyink

    You’ll find some trendy day-of-the week gifs here!

  9. 9. Hylianjackie

    These adorable illustrations will add an artsy touch to your picture.

Add these gifs to your Instagram story for an aesthetic look!